What Is An ICF Form?

ICF forms are quite simply the best exterior shell money can buy for your home! Superior to timber-framed homes in every way.

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As a dedicated ICF installer, builder, and distributor for BuildBlock ICF, it is important that we try to educate consumers on the benefits of using Insulated Concrete Forms for their construction projects. At Blue Ridge ICF, we realize that not everyone knows what an ICF form is and we are bound and determined to correct that.
BuildBlock ICF Form

What is an ICF Form?

An ICF form is a concrete form used to hold wet concrete in place until it cures. A regular concrete form is usually made of wood or steel and is removed once the concrete sets up. An Insulated Concrete Form consists of two EPS foam panels that are held together by an open web or connector that is generally constructed of metal or plastic. This connector not only holds the form together but also provides a cradle to hold the structural steel rebar in place. Once concrete is poured into an ICF form and is allowed to set up the bracing is removed and the foam panels stay in place, providing insulation for the structure for a lifetime.
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We Destribute & Install BuildBlock ICF

Having installed many different manufacturers of ICF forms we firmly believe that BuildBlock ICFs are the strongest most versatile Insulated Concrete Form on the market and have been exclusively installing their products in the Asheville NC market for years.

What makes BuildBlock ICFs standout?

  • Strength - We have never had a blowout!
  • 1" Repeating Pattern - This creates less waste.
  • Best Webs On The Market - 6" spacing and a 495lb pullout strength.
  • Reversible - Less forms needed and less waste created.
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