Custom ICF Construction – Zirconia NC

ICF Construction Zirconia NC

This was a project Blue Ridge ICF completed a couple of years ago. This custom ICF home in Zirconia NC was a custom-designed one level full icf home. The homeowner also installed geothermal heating and cooling along with many upgraded systems and finishes. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of pictures when my computer crashed a year or so ago. Below … Read More

Update on ICF Construction at Lake Lure

ICF Construction Lake Lure

I wanted to give a quick update on the progress of the ICF construction at the Lake Lure project. As you can see in the images below, the foundation has been completed, the floor trusses have been set and Advantech flooring installed. Notice in the last picture that we are pouring the main level icf walls.

Some Final Shots – Custom ICF House in South Asheville

Custom ICF South Asheville

This custom ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) build in South Asheville was a real bear from start to finish due to the slope of the land. My first time building on a 42% + slope was a real eye-opener to the logistics of building on such terrain. I never thought about the fact that every single piece of material would be … Read More

Dior Residence In Lake Lure – ICF Foundation and Footers

Surveying ICF Foundation

Well, we met with the surveyors the other day to layout the Dior site in Mountain Way before the initial dig.  We strongly believe in using surveyors to not only layout the initial dig, but also the footer dig.  We know there are more traditional ways of getting it done, but why leave anything to chance.  For a very small … Read More

ICF Custom Home In South Asheville Update

Custom ICF Home

It has been some time since I have posted any update photos of our ICF construction project in south Asheville.  So, here are some new pics.  Note that we are almost finished with the last floor and are hoping to be completed with the roof in early March, weather ALLOWING.  (God what an awful winter!!!!!!!!!!!)

First Two Months Of Utility Bills For Our New ICF Home

ICF Home Asheville

Well, the first two months of utility bills are in on our new ICF Home in Asheville and we could not be happier. Electric for December & January – $218 Natural Gas for December & January – $105 Please keep in mind that the home is nearly 3000sqft and sits at almost 2700ft elevation.  The last home we rented North … Read More

Living In An ICF Home – Insulated Concrete Form WNC

ICF Home South Asheville

Over the years, I have always believed in the benefits of ICF construction. It’s energy-efficient, its STRONG, bugs hate it and let’s face it… IT IS BUILT FOR LIFE.  However, until you live in an ICF home you do not truly realize the benefits. Flash forward to today… My family and I have now lived in our ICF home for … Read More

ICF Structures Require Mechanical Air Exchange – ERV vs. HRV

Energy Recovery Ventilation

When building with Insulated Concrete Forms, it is extremely important to remember that you must incorporate some system for mechanical air exchange.  ICF homes are simply to tight and normal air exchange through leakage and other means, as is typical in more traditional building techniques, is not sufficient. So, for improved indoor air quality in your ICF structure make sure … Read More