Living In An ICF Home – Insulated Concrete Form WNC

ICF Home South Asheville

Over the years, I have always believed in the benefits of ICF construction. It’s energy-efficient, its STRONG, bugs hate it and let’s face it… IT IS BUILT FOR LIFE.  However, until you live in an ICF home you do not truly realize the benefits.

Flash forward to today… My family and I have now lived in our ICF home for a little over 6 weeks and all I can say is the experience has been nothing, but positive.  There are some things to get use to; the most important is using the ventilation often and frequently, when you shower, when you cook, when you use the oven, etc.  Though I must say the most dramatic thing that I have noticed is, and this is hard to put into words, you can feel the difference in the structure. An ICF home feels solid like things are dampened down… My mother-in-law likes having large ledges at every window to set things. Never would have written that on my marketing, but there it is.  You simply can not put into words what it is to live in an insulated concrete form house.

Before this experience, I marketed and pushed ICF construction based on manufacturers marketing materials and word of mouth, but I am here to tell you, do not build until you have considered ICF for your forever home. I am a builder. I specialize in ICF construction. I have put my money where my mouth is and it could not have been a better decision.

If you are considering ICF home construction in Western North Carolina please contact us and see ICF first hand.