What Are ICF?
Insulated Concrete Forms - Asheville NC

The simplest answer is that it is a styrofoam form that is placed together on the job site with steel reinforcement to pour concrete into. The long answer:

The ICF form for nearly all manufacturers consists of two 2.5" styrofoam panels that are held together by connectors, or webbing, that hold the EPS foam panels together and provide a cradle for the structural rebar. These forms are stacked together, kinda like legos, once complete, concrete is then poured into the cavity. Once the concrete has cured the bracing that aligns and supports the wall during the concrete pour is removed, but the styrofoam form stays in place to provide insulation for a lifetime.

"Insulated concrete forms are quite simply the best exterior wall system on the market today!"

At Blue Ridge ICF we are a distributor and installer for the BuildBlock ICF forms in the Asheville NC area.

Intro to the BuildBlock ICF Form

Advantages of an ICF Structure

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Anatomy of an ICF Form

Anatomy of an ICF Form

EPS Foam Panel

The 2.5" Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam panel is the central element oft the ICF form. It holds the concrete in place during the pour and provides the insulating capabilities for the life of the structure.

ICF Web Connector

The High-Density Plastic Webs are spaced every 6" have three jobs, they hold the foam panels together, provide attachment points for finishing materials and hold the structural rebar in place. The 6" spacing provides for the superior strength of the BuildBlock form and has industry-leading pullout strength of 495lbs.

ICF Structural Rebar

The structural rebar provides a lot of the strength for an ICF home. Concrete has great compressive strength, but when the forces applied are not the compressive it is the job of the rebar to help the concrete stay together.

Repeating Teeth Pattern

One of the other features that sets the BuildBlock form apart from the competition is the 1" repeating interlocking teeth pattern on the top and bottom of the form. This allows for less waste and a reversible ICF form.
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A Better Approach
To Building

Benefits of ICF Construction

ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Construction in Asheville NC is superior to more traditional construction techniques in many ways and provides the homeowner with countless benefits. Below we will explore just sampling of these benefits.

Built to Last

Concrete structures last for 100's of years and can resist anything that mother nature throws their way. A wood structure can not resist fire, can be reduced to match sticks by high winds and is a great source of food for wood-destroying insects. ICF structures have a fire-resistance that is many magnitudes greater than wood, can resist wind speeds up to 250MPH and provide ZERO food source for insects.

Thermal Mass

Thermal Mass - is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy. A lot of heat energy is required to change the temperature of high-density materials like concrete and therefore it is said to have high thermal mass. Lightweight materials such as timber have low thermal mass. No matter how much insulation you pack into the walls of a stick-built structure it will NEVER have the thermal mass of an ICF wall.

Controlling Air Quality

While stick-built homes have become significantly tighter over the years they will never match the envelope of an ICF structure. With nearly zero air infiltration from the outside environment, ICF structures allow for complete control of the air quality in the interior of the home. This not only makes for healthier interior air but a more efficient structure.

Less Energy, Less Waste

Building an ICF home in Asheville NC produces less waste for the landfill than traditional construction techniques and because of their incredible energy efficiency use less electricity and fuel over their lifetime than a stick-built structure while at the same time providing a safer and stronger structure for their owners.

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At Blue Ridge ICF we understand that there is a dizzying array of building materials in today's markets, but none of them can compare to Insulated Concrete Forms.

We also understand that most consumers are not as knowledgable about building with ICFs in the Asheville area and we want to be your source of information on the best building material in the market. Please reach out to us with any of your questions and we will get back to you to continue the conversation.

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